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What is Career and Vocational Testing?

Career and vocational testing is conducted when a student may be trying to find what college major or technical education is best for them. An employee may want to change careers and needs to see what other careers may best suit them.

Career and vocational testing assesses personality, aptitudes, vocational interests, work values to see what the best fit is for the individual.

The three areas of testing include:

APTITUDES. This looks at your abilities including potentials, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Mechanical reasoning measures how well a person can understand mechanical principles.
  • Spatial relations measures how well a person can visualize or think in three dimensions.
  • Verbal rReasoning measures how well a person can reason with words.
  • Numerical ability assesses how well a person can reason with and use numbers.
  • Language usage assesses how well a person can recognize and use standard English grammar and punctuation.
  • Word knowledge tests how well a person can understand the meaning and precise use of words.
  • Perceptual speed and accuracy tests how well a person perceives small detail rapidly and accurately.
  • Manual speed and dexterity tests how well a person can make rapid and accurate hand movements.

Military CoupleINTERESTS. This looks at the kinds of work you are interested in doing.

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Consumer Economics
  • Outdoors
  • Business
  • Clerical
  • Communication
  • Arts
  • Service

Young FamilyPERSONAL VALUES. This looks at your personality and values and how they would fit into a satisfying career and job.

  • Investigative vs. Accepting
  • Practical vs. Carefree
  • Independency vs. Conformity
  • Leadership vs. Supportive
  • Orderliness vs. Non-Compulsive
  • Recognition vs. Privacy
  • Aesthetic vs. Realistic
  • Social vs. Self-Concern

At the conclusion of your career assessment testing you will receive a comprehensive chart and guide with your aptitudes, interests, and values combined into a career cluster(s) that best suits you. You will be given a number of occupations that may suit you as well as a list of skills and abilities needed in these occupations. You are also offered activities you might engage in to get experience for those occupations as well as possible college majors.



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