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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia means "reading problem". There are different types of dyslexia including poor reading comprehension, poor sight reading, poor fluency, light sensitivity problems, poor phonetic skills, reversing words ("saw" for "was"). Spelling and writing skills may be affected.

A unique form of dyslexia is called Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS). SSS may include some (or) should be (of) the following symptoms:

  • ChildrenSkipping words or lines when reading
  • Re-reading lines
  • Losing your place when reading
  • Easily distracted when reading
  • Need to take frequent breaks when reading
  • Reading becoming more difficult the longer you read
  • Headaches when reading
  • Eyes become red or watery
  • Getting tired easily when reading
  • Blinking or squinting frequently when reading
  • Preferring to read in a dim light because bright lights hurt your eyes
  • Reading with face close to the page
  • Using your finger or marker when reading
  • Becoming restless, active or fidgety while reading
  • Poor depth perception and clumsiness with escalators, stairs, ball sports or driving
  • Strain or fatigue from computer use
  • Sloppy or careless math errors
  • Misaligned numbers in columns

If a person has Scotopic Sensitivity they may be helped by using a colored plastic overlay to be placed on reading material or the use of colored filtered lenses.



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